According to  Ekhtaz News  , quoted by the Young Journalists Club, the customs spokesman said: In 1400, more than 13,127,000 tons of goods worth five billion and 643 million dollars were exchanged between Iran and the members of the Eurasian Economic-Customs Union.

Ruholah Latifi said: In 1400, trade between Iran and the members of the Eurasian Economic-Customs Union grew by 51% in weight and 66% in value.

According to the customs spokesman, in 1400, Iran’s import from members of the Eurasian Economic-Customs Union was 10 million 356 thousand 890 tons worth four billion 472 million 466 thousand 480 dollars, with a growth of 73% in weight and 90 A percentage has been included in the value.

By selling 9 million 102 thousand 151 tons of goods worth four billion 53 million 854 thousand 209 dollars, Russia accounted for 88% of the weight and 91% of the value of imports from Eurasia, which compared to the same period. It has increased by 74% in weight and 92% in value, most of which are basic goods, oil and livestock inputs.

The customs spokesman says: Kazakhstan is the second source of Iran’s purchases from Eurasia with 1,240,48 dollars worth 379,271,48 dollars with a growth of 67% in weight and 88% in value.

 By selling 9 thousand 280 tons of goods worth 28 million 605 thousand 553 dollars and a decrease of 28.8 percent in weight and value, Belarus is the third source of supply of our country’s goods in the Eurasian Union, Armenia is the fourth source of our country’s purchase from Eurasia, with four thousand And 475 tons of goods worth 9 million 71 thousand 825 dollars, which has decreased by 29% in weight and increased by 24% in import value, and finally, Kyrgyzstan is the fifth source of goods sold to Iran in this union with 935 tons of goods worth 1 million. and it was 663,845 dollars with a 57 and 35% decrease in weight and value.

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