about us

Delfard Trade Development Company was established in 2009 with the aim of operating in the field of commerce, relying on expert, efficient and young personnel as the commercial arm of all public and private organizations in Iran.
In order to strengthen domestic production and achieve the ideals of resistance economy, this group has always tried to cooperate with the largest domestic producers in various industries such as food, agriculture, minerals, chemicals, etc. , is considered one of the big players and exporters to the Gulf countries and the Eurasian region.
Delfard Trading Group, with a brilliant history in the field of international trade and the establishment of legal offices abroad, including Russia, Belarus and the United Arab Emirates, is proud to provide all business matters including logistics and customs services with other domestic and foreign companies. cooperate and respond to the needs of its customers by investing and participating in domestic and international tenders and auctions.
Also, our team is a leader in the field of imports in order to achieve the goals of international trade and supply the machines, equipment and raw materials needed by the domestic factories of the country.

Certificates and honors

ISO 14001-2015
environmental management

ISO 9001-2015
quality management

ISO 45001-2018
occupational health and safety management

IMS International
Management System
integrated management system

organization safety certificate

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